Thu 13th Apr, 2017

Ubud, Bali Ryt200 Mystical Yoga Teacher Training

Thu 13th Apr, 2017
07:00 am - 10:00 am

Join SchoolYoga Institute on the “Island of the Gods”— the magical land of Bali!

Where palm trees and volcanoes line each sunset and sunrise… atop rice field plateaus, where lush green rice grass pierces stark blue sky, reminding us of the unity in duality. On the powerful island of Bali, we invite you on the journey within.

Bali’s island geology provides mountains, rivers, canyons and beaches. This potent land is yours to roam and explore – from jungle to ocean. This unique training takes the SYI Shamanic influence, guided by the Peruvian medicine wheel, and pairs it with the Balinese sense of devotion and beauty. Come to this precious space for reflection and connection. Guided by Bali-based facilitators, this training will be an all-encompassing venture into Yoga, Self and deep Healing of our physical and energetic bodies, returning to our heart’s essence.