Sun 06th Nov, 2016

Traditional Crafts at Taksu: Make Your Own Mala Workshop

Jalan Gautama Selatan, Ubud 80571
Sun 06th Nov, 2016
09:00 am - 11:30 am

Malas are sets of beads used for meditation, as tool to enhance the meditation and mantra practice. Learn about the healing properties of the gemstones incorporated into the designs, and the Rudraksha beads.

In Hindu mythology the beads are known as “the eyes of Shiva” and they contain carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. It’s believed they can help heal the body, quiet the mind, and increase clarity.

This is a unique, hands-on workshop where you can make a wonderful spiritual gift for yourself or someone special, surrounded by the incredible natural beauty of Taksu. 

All materials are provided including main beads, marker beads, gemstones, guru beads and medallions (feel free to bring your own special items too!)

Sundays, 9-11:30am