Tue 08th Aug, 2017

The Essentials of Digital Advertising, Social Media & Analytics

Genius Cafe- Home to the Entrepreneur Beach Club
Tue 08th Aug, 2017
04:00 pm - 05:00 pm


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The Talk:

Our talk on The Essentials of Digital Advertising, Social Media & Analytics will give you a strong overview of the current state 

of digital marketing, SEO, web analytics, e-mail marketing & social media trends. 

It will be great for the small business owner to understand the current state of affairs as well as a refresher for 

the experienced digital marketer in a constantly changing digital environment. 

Speaker: Damien Forsythe 

Damien is a business consultant with a specialization & proven experience in digital marketing, e-commerce, mobile, branding, analytics & web design. He has worked across different sectors on multi-million dollar online ad campaigns as well as with startups & small businesses looking to grow their businesses online. He holds a Business & E-Commerce degree from The University of New Brunswick (Canada) and has presented and taught at industry events and holds several certifications. You can find out more about Damien at www.damienforsythe.com.