Tue 17th Jan, 2017

The Biggest Challenges Facing Humanity

Mertasari Beach, Pantai Sanur 80224
Tue 17th Jan, 2017
06:00 am - 08:00 am

As a full time Sales Mentor and Marketing Strategist Patrick produces amazing results with his clients by setting up and leading high performance marketing and sales teams he calls “Conscious Enrollers”. And that’s NOT what’ he’s talking with us about...

As a As a full heart advocate for the regeneration of Earth’s natural ecologies Patrick is on the front line of the radical transformation of society and culture. This is the work he’ll be sharing with us on Tuesday night!

During 2016 Patrick sat with dozens of legends in Bali who are doing amazing things for the environment. He gained wisdom from Prominent Intentional Community Leaders, Eco Property Developers, Organic Farmers, and Green Tech Entrepreneurs who all care for the future of our planet and are doing good work now, to benefit life on Earth for generations to come.

On this very special skill share evening, Patrick will be sharing stories from the legends he’s spoken with over the past few months and some of the most interesting things he’s learned about what's happening locally and globally with our environment.

Patrick’s heartwarming message is positive and compelling, inspirational and actionable. 

His ‘good news’ approach focus on what’s working now and highlights the simple things you can do to have a massive positive impact for the future of life on Earth.

Join us on Tuesday 17 January at Genius Cafe, Sanur and be inspired by stories of legends in Bali who are doing amazing things for the environment and discover the simple changes you can make that will have a massive positive impact for generations to come..