Tue 05th Feb, 2019

Sound Healing

The Grand Sunti Ubud - Pengosekan street,Ubud,Bali, Ubud 80571
Tue 05th Feb, 2019
06:00 pm - 07:00 pm

Join Komang Abdi, our Chakra Sound Healer for this 1 hour class and feel the new experiences of self-healing by taking adventure to the power & mystery of sound healing!

Tibetan singing bowls are comprised of an alloy made from seven different precious metals, creating a range of different sounds and rich overtones. The tonal vibrations of singing bowls stimulate the brain to help activate a Theta state and the parasympathetic nervous system for deeper relaxation. By simply listening to the pure, vibrant tone of the bowls, most sound recipients find them incredibly relaxing, rejuvenating & even feel the stirring of deep emotions and states of well-being. Coupling awareness and intention in the use of sound modalities can demonstrably increase their effectiveness.

During a Sound Bath, participants lie on a yoga mat with the optional use of pillows/bolsters and blankets for comfort. A harmonious sleep-like state is reached while lying comfortably on your back in Shavasana (corpse pose) as Abdi play soothing sounds to wash over you. Individual private therapy sessions will also include the use of bowls placed and played on the body by Abdi while the participant is fully clothed.

No experience is necessary for sound healing. Please dress in comfortable clothing, come hydrated and rehydrate well afterwards.


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