Tue 14th Mar, 2017

Skill Share: Blessings in Disguise with Mona Motwani

Mertasari Beach, Pantai Sanur 80224
Tue 14th Mar, 2017
04:00 pm - 05:00 pm

Blessings in Disguise: Using Life's Challenges To Get What You Want. 

Mona was an international human rights lawyer and an athlete living in San Francisco, California. She is co-founder of Spark (www.sparksf.org), a grassroots venture philanthropy nonprofit that invests in women's organizations and is the largest network of millennial donors in the world. On the fast track towards success and fulfilling a lifelong dream being an activist for human rights she became severely ill and disabled with Lyme Disease for 8 years. Life stopped and she was confined mostly to her bed, doctor's offices, and an IV pole. While at the time it was her greatest obstacle and sadness, and kept her from the work she felt so deeplyconnected to, this "great awakening" led to something she didn't know was truly her path. 

After moving to Bali and accidentally ending up as a entrepreneur, she learned that life will not always show up the way you planned it and that is ok; in fact it can be amazing. Her journey through Lyme and even after vaulted her deep into the darkest places of the soul, body, and heart. Through this journey of transformation in career and self, Mona learned that perhaps her biggest gift might not be as a human rights lawyer as she hoped, but on traversing the path of the heart and applying this to all aspects of life - business, relationships, and health. 

Hear the takeaways from her challenging and deeply rewarding journey. Get inspired and learn how to transform obstacles in business, health, and relationship after hearing this journey.