Sun 23rd Apr, 2017

Singapore Work Shops by Sanna

Jl. Jembawan no.3 Ubud, Ubud
Sun 23rd Apr, 2017
01:00 pm - 05:30 pm

Sanna will offer in Singapore two work shops as follows:

~ 1-3pm ::: The Vital PSOAS 

~ 3:30-5:30pm ::: Tibetan Heart Yoga

Location: at a beautiful boutique studio Yoga In Sync at 21A Bukit Pasoh Road, MRT Outram Park.

Ilio-Psoas is our biggest & deepest muscle group. It is the only muscle which connects your legs to your torso. Psoas can easily get exhausted due to bad postures, sitting long period of time on car seats & chairs, over exercicing (crunches) & due to mental stress. An imbalanced psoas starts to send signals in our body as back ache, deep abdominal pain, constipation and many other symptoms. In this w/s we'll explore a simple yet effective 3-step method of release, tone & stretch the psoas.

Tibetan Heart Yoga is Sanna's signature Master class where she draws influence from her Tibetan Buddhist Teachers and Lamas. In this w/s we'll explore our breath, we'll practice meditation, we'll do some chanting & play with some soft n gentle yet fun partner yoga. The emphasis is on opening up our heart center for the sake of ourselves & all the other sentient beings. This w/s will leave you feeling happy, grateful for your life and feeling at peace. Sanna is authorised by Lama Marut to teach THY.

Both work shops are soft & gentle, suitable for all levels and body conditions. Warmly welcome!

Pricing: each w/s 60$S or our special bundle deal 100$S for the whole afternoon of immersion.

Soon you'll be able to book & pay via a special link created for the event. Please note that your spot is only confirmed upon payment. In the meantime - any questions/wanna know more? Ask me :-)