Wed 14th Dec, 2016

Power of Law of Attraction

Ubud 80571
Wed 14th Dec, 2016
06:30 am - 08:00 am

Hello my loving Ubud family,

after one year and half in Ubud, is time to say good bye BALI. As I have opened my heart to the universe, the universe has sent me on a new adventure. 

WOW what a journey it has been!

Ubud have completely changed my life and my perspective on this reality. I found my higherself here and my true path. 

I work on huge summary of my life and I decided to share all.

At the event I will share my knowledge with you of law of attraction, spiritual awakening, deep realizations and how to manifest. I will give you tools, a daily routine, and amazing stories. I will show you how I create my own reality everyday and we can also try some techniques together.

I wish to share all my gratitude from my heart to our beautiful community and this amazing place. 

I feel this will be an emotional closing to Ubud.

I look forward high vibrations

See you in wednesday!