Sun 18th Dec, 2016

Mantras and Mudras with Sanna Kokkonen

3 Jalan Jembawan, Ubud 80571
Sun 18th Dec, 2016
02:00 am - 05:00 am

In this work shop we’ll explore Nada Yoga, “the yoga of sound/union through sound”. It is the ancient spiritual art & science of inner transformation through sound and tone.

We’ll be singing & chanting mantras which is said to be the highest, most powerful & easiest way of reaching the goal ; Shanti (=peace of mind) and Self Realization.

Our mind easily becomes absorbed in sound. This is why we all – even infants and animals – enjoy listening to music. When the mind is fully concentrated on anything there arises a feeling of inner bliss. Mantra chanting is accessible to anyone, and appropriate for people of any religion or spiritual aspiration.

Mudra, made with fingers, is a symbolic or ritual gesture which has an energetic influence on the body and your mood. Mudras have been used as a spiritual practice (and still are), especially in meditation to keep the energies together and as a way on the path to enlightenment.

Sanna’s been singing, studying and chanting mantras (Kirtan) with Jai Utal, Kailash, Dave Stringer, Edo Kahn, Kevin James, Vasu Dev, Navad Kahn, Lama Marut, Cindy Lee and many others plus ‘in the source’ with Hindu Priests in Kerala, India.