Thu 16th Nov, 2017

Introduction to Atomic Healing by Carlos Palada

Jalan Gautama Selatan, Ubud 80571
Thu 16th Nov, 2017
06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

What is Atomic Healing?

Atomic healing is a new & ancient Healing Modality originating from the Essenes 200 years B.C.; it energizes re-integrate the lifestrones contained in your body (subatomic, cellular and molecular structures, through your light-soul level) releasing pains, karmas, mental, spiritual and physical blockages via the breath and cosmic energy.

How does Atomic Healing Work?

Carlos begins your personal session by giving you important messages about your life situation and any other problems you feel may be relevant and need attention. Second, the healing process will be explained in detail. You will then lie on a massage table to allow Carlos to identify your energy blockages. He will tell you how to breathe for each clearing and you will at all times be comfortable and in good care. Carlos will speak to you throughout your session and at the end will take you on a relaxing meditative journey like none other. He will realign and balance your energy fields and chakras. At the end of your session, he will allow you to relax to become fully in tune with your surroundings again. As Atomic healing is performed fully clothed, wearing loose clothing is suggested for your comfort.

Some Benefits of Atomic Healing;

•Release of Traumas from Childhood, Past Memories, Current Relationships.

•Your Body Feels Healthy and Energized.

•Recover Your Ability to Feel Loved and Optimistic.

•Release Negative Set Patterns and Negative Feelings.

•Release Stored Emotions, Blockages and Obstacles.

•Relief of Physical Back and Neck Pains.

•Deal with Migraine, Lack of Sleep, Anxiety and More.

•Gain Clarity, Focus, Direction, Security.

•Recover your Power and Strength to Make Decisions.

•Reconnect again with Mother Earth

What Can You Release?

Physical Pains, Pain Created By Your Emotions, Insecurity, Lack Of Clarity, Direction, Being Afraid Of Change, Absenteeism, Fear, Uncertainty, Frustration, Anger, Confusion, Failure, Disappointment, Resentment, Blame , Disloyalty, Anxiety, No Time, Withholding Negative Attitude, Being Afraid, Aggression, Being Lost, Being Stuck, Set Patterns, Feeling Unsafe, Worry, Manipulation, Excessive Procrastination, Complication Plus, Plus…

What Can You Gain from Atomic Healing?

More Energy, More Vitality, TRUST, Freedom, Enjoyment, Clarity, Courage, Persistence, Excitement, Success, Encouragement, Confidence, Moving Along, Determination, Positive Attitude, New Direction, Fun, Strength, Acceptance, Kindness, Reliability, Tolerance, Joy, More inner POWER to make decisions. POWER OF MANIFESTATION.

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