Thu 02nd Feb, 2017

Impact : Awaken

Jl. Sunset Road, Bali, Badung, Bali, Indonesia 80361
Thu 02nd Feb, 2017 - Fri 03rd Feb, 2017
09:00 am - 06:00 am

Join us for our exclusive weekend conference IMPACT: AWAKEN, an immersive learning experience of sight, sound, smell and touch. You will not only obtain awareness of yourself and your company but will also network with other powerful CEOs in one of the most life-changing places in the world, Bali. 

IMPACT: AWAKEN is being hosted by the Trans Resort Bali. The multisensory experience comes full circle with the addition of custom lighting and essential oils that relate to the seven human chakras. Be prepared to change your life immensely while we will be raising your vibrations and consciousness through 6 of our carefully constructed and designed workshops for you.

The first day of IMPACT: AWAKEN is made to bring your senses to life and put a light of parts of yourself you didn't even know were affecting you profoundly. You will experience the following workshops:


— Evolution of Mindset: Expanding from your current state of mind

— Master Your Energy: How to improve your energy levels

— Values, Beliefs, and Behaviours: In-depth understanding of your relationships


— Mindset The Tree Metaphor: Awakening your consciousness

— High-Performance Culture: Cultivating your employees’ happiness

— From Awareness to Action: Life Proofing your Knowledge

The full weekend of Impact: Awaken will bring you six workshops to provide you business insight through personal growth. You will begin to better understand the human consciousness, learn how to manage your energy, and discover the intangibles of your life. Participants will be encouraged to interact during the workshops, practising what they learn through mind-hack exercises and group activities. The venue is designed with special lighting and composed soundscape to further stimulate participants’ senses.

Take part in a personal transformation journey, where you will gain clarity into your business through our diverse tailored techniques to develop self-awareness and a growth mindset, both individually and on a professional level. 

Our tickets are priced at - Rp. 10,000,000. 2-days to impact your life forever. Let's change lives together! 

Book your tickets now! Limited seats available.

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