Sat 04th Feb, 2017

IELTS at IALF Tryout Bali

Sesetan, Kota Denpasar 80223
Sat 04th Feb, 2017
01:00 am - 04:00 am

The IELTS AT IALF Tryout aims to introduce potential IELTS test takers to the IELTS test and to provide an insight to the various aspects of the four test modules through a simulated test environment.


1. Participants will learn and find out more about the IELTS Test

2. Observe examples & demonstrations of IELTS Writing Tasks

3. Experience a mock IELTS Listening and Reading Test

4. Be involved in a Speaking Test simulation with a partner.

Participants will receive an assessment result of how they performed in the simulation tasks. These results can be used as an individual evaluation and to help identify further language training needs in terms of IELTS Preparation courses or English language training.

The IELTS AT IALF TRYOUT is a free event and is limited to candidates that have a minimum Pre-Intermediate 1 level of English, as all materials will be delivered in English. For more information please email