Thu 11th Jan, 2018

How to Turn a Blog into a Business

Jalan Batu Meja, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia 80361
Thu 11th Jan, 2018
05:00 pm - 06:00 pm

Join me as I discuss creative and effective ways to turn a blog into an actual business that earns a stable income.

A blog can definitely be a real source of sustainable income...if you think outside the box. You don't need 1 million followers, you don't need a highly complex website and you don't need to sell links or advertising for a few bucks. Learn how to create a real business out of your blog - with real income - simply by using your personal experiences and a little creative thinking.

What People Will Learn:

- How to create a real, sustainable business from a blog

- How to understand exactly what your readers/followers want to learn from you and what they will spend money on

- How to take your personal experiences and find creative methods for earning a stable income through your blog and social media

- How to earn money without a huge audience

- Why blogging is changing and how to stay ahead of the game

About the speaker:

Derek Earl Baron. In 1999, I left home in the USA for a 3 month trip to Southeast Asia. Today, that trip has still yet to end as I've now spent 18 years working, living and traveling around the world nonstop. Early on, I spent time teaching English and working as a Tour Manager on board cruise ships. Since 2009, I've been running my successful travel blog, With my blog, I use the experiences gained from my life of travel to help others achieve their own travel goals. It is now my sole business as the blog earns a full-time income through eBooks I've written, a tour company I started (Wandering Earl Tours) and a variety of other unique avenues.