Sun 25th Dec, 2016

Gentur Suria : Art & X’mas - Psychedelic Installation

Jl Camplung Tanduk No.15, Kota Denpasar 80361
Sun 25th Dec, 2016 - Mon 26th Dec, 2016
06:00 am - 03:00 am

Dots to Dots and Koh presents



Dots to Dots is a newborn youth culture media in connecting dynamic Asian cities. Once worked as a promoter team in Tokyo, Dots to Dots founder experienced and absorbed mashed-up cultures of music from overground to underground, traditional to avant garde art, and the vibrant latest fashion.

Departed from Tokyo and currently based in Bali, Dots to Dots are experiencing various Asian cultures, centering on Indonesia. Dots to Dots aims to connect the all “the right people and things” in pan-Asia throughout their filters. To kick things off, Gentur Suria is lined up to create a stir to synthesis culture of Bali and Indonesia.

The featuring artist Gentur Suria is originally from Jogjakarta, the city of art in Indonesia and is a multimedia artist currently based in Bali. His geometric black-and-white font art is making a storm of applause to the Indonesian young people’s timeline especially creators who surround him. In addition to creative activities such as illustrating and designing, his activities range widely over the social movement, visual work, music and charity. At this event as an attempt for only for this night, he is implementing to do the installation that makes the best use of the atmosphere that Bali’s no.1 underground club Koh has.

And another key point is the musicians who’s going to add the best spices to Gentur’s art work. “Kasetkulcha” and Gentur's side project “TDK”, both the cassette tape DJing (selector) groups based in Denpasar, are going to rock with now ancient tape decks. Two of the young music icons from Jogjakarta, “Ones” the Papuan born groove maestro now widely active through Asia and “Omar” who built up music & cultural senses with his backgrounds of Asia and Europe are going to spin at the prime time. During the reception party, “SRMK” now yet in underground Live PA synthesizer unit and “THE HANDS feat. HAREM”, the unit of Duli and Ican Harem both have cultic followers are going to play for the reception party.

These talents’ synthetic arts might be seemed as avant-garde as well as cultic, but THESE are what the world have to witness and the country should be proud of; something that passer-by won’t be able to get in touch, hence Dots to Dots are here to mediate.

Party is composed of three parts with no intermission; Part 1 is an invitation-only reception party for, Part 2 is open party for public with 4/4 techno/house to be danced along, and Part 3 is the true Indonesian underground music show.

Besides as art and music, vendors of books, records, fashion goods, etc. will also be there. The first 100 visitor can get an original copy of ZINE, so make sure you will not come late.

This event was tailor-made to present the synthetic arts by young talents born and living in Indonesia, not only to display the art and music scene in Bali and Indonesia, but also act as the game changer in this scene. Do not miss this historical moment of the one night stan.

-Psychedelic Installation- 

Gentur Suria (from Jogjakarta)

-Deck Set-

TDK and Kasetkalcha

Ones (Casual Dance)

Omar Adrian

-Live Set-



-Food Set-

KOLEKTIF HULU (Social Movement)