Thu 12th Jan, 2017

Full Moon Healing Circle

on the main stairs of champuan upto penestanan, Ubud
Thu 12th Jan, 2017
04:30 am - 06:00 am


This HEALING CIRCLE is a very powerful way to receive ongoing energetic healing support on all levels of your being. It is an opportunity for you to release what is no longer necessary in your life on all levels. As you release the old, you create space for the new to emerge.

As we connect with each other during these ongoing HEALING CIRCLE events, we create very powerful ways of collective healing to take place.

As we heal from within, the entire world transforms around us.

As we shine our light in the world around us, others can do the same.


*orang lokal sukarela

HEALING SPACE will be at Bamboo Spirit at Champuan Steps on the way to Penestanan.

PLEASE SHARE this loving intention with your circle of friends. Invite anyone who would like to join the healing circle. You may bring your own mat or blanket as we will lay down and go deep.

THE FULL MOON and NEW MOON HEALING CIRCLE sessions will lovingly be offered in divine service twice a month by Ina (


Thank you all for participating in these ongoing New Moon and Full Moon HEALING CIRCLE. YOU are the reason why these powerful and amazing healing events are entirely possible!

Blessed BE