Mon 19th Dec, 2016

From Followers To Dollars (4 Talks In December)

Jalan Batu Meja, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia 80361
Mon 19th Dec, 2016
05:00 am - 08:00 am

From Followers To Dollars - With Melissa DiVietri

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4th Session: Instagram Programs. Grow your Instagram following using robust social media tools that pin point your target audience. Implement an automation program to cut time and develop relationships.

Drive meaningful relationships on social media with advanced sessions from social media expert, Melissa DiVietri. Learn where to spend your time, how to focus on customer acquisition and manage day-to-day social media duties. During each session, you will understand key improvements and content ideas across your social media efforts. Each session is tailored to a specific opportunity to achieve business and social media goals with a strategic plan in place. 

What You Will Learn:

1st session: Optimise Your Social Media Profile

2nd session: Social Media Advertizing & Growth Hacking Techniques

3rd session: Save Time With Social Media Tools

4th session: Instagrams Programs

About The Speaker:

Melissa DiVietri, social media consultant from Detroit, Michigan. She is the founder of social media agency DI Designs Studio with credited partnerships with Google, Facebook, Ford, Pitney Bowes and NFL.

Melissa's social media network extends to 32 social media platforms with combined reach of 1.6 million. She regularly blogs on social media trends, technology and location intelligence. She is in Bali to grow her international reach and teach social media classes.