Wed 07th Dec, 2016

Flow with the Dao - Initiation Ceremony with Master Kuo

Bali, Indonesia 80571
Wed 07th Dec, 2016
11:00 am - 04:00 am

There is a universal force that connects all things – when we are out of touch with it, we will always struggle. The Tao or Dao (pronounced dow) is a Chinese concept signifying ‘way’. It signifies the essence or fundamental nature of the universe, the underlying natural order that is impossible to describe, the ‘ eternally nameless’. 

Living in the Tao is living in Happiness: emotions flow in balance, the mind surrenders, relationships fall into balance.

Join Master Kuo in a beautiful initiation ceremony into the way of the Dao during a rare trip to Bali to share this ancient wisdom. Born in Taiwan, Master Kuo works through a 5000 year old lineage, guiding us to break out of the matrix and find our true self. In these turbulent times, it is crucial to uncover the layers of programming and find our own inner Dao. Master Kuo will show you the way…and it is easier than you might have realized.

The event will be held at Wu Wei’s Sacred Temple, where you will spend the day surrounded by nature, listening to the flow of the river and the echoes of chants on the breeze. Far from the bustle of Ubud, time spent here is precious, other worldly, it offers a true chance to connect with your higher truth. 

From 11am-5 pm, including teachings and the initiation ceremony.

Donation of 200,000 RP

Spaces are limited for this intimate ceremony, so it is advisable to message us directly to confirm your place.