Sat 03rd Jun, 2017

Festival Tepi Sawah

Omah Apik Pejeng Bali
Sat 03rd Jun, 2017 - Thu 04th May, 2017
02:00 pm - 11:30 pm

In Bali, the community has merged into the process of art. Performing art of music, dance and drama, is an inseparable expression of their daily life in the implementation of Trihita Karana, the basic principle of Balinese Hindu culture, which prioritizes the harmony of human relationships, with the natural surroundings, and with God. This unique festival is inspired by the cycle and rhythm of agricultural village life in Bali, where people live simply and yet very peacefully, unite with harmony, in planting their hopes, cultivate their well-being, waiting patiently for days of rain; until the moment when the grain starts to turn yellow, they cheer and celebrate!

FESTIVAL TEPI SAWAH is part of the celebration. In this festival, the modern meets the traditional in forms of "Collaborative Arts". The spirit of togetherness of the Balinese people become the main spirit of FESTIVAL TEPI SAWAH. We create an environment for modern-individual society by presenting various forms of artistic activities such as music & dance performances, workshops, art installations, and initiating collaborations between artists and creative workers from various disciplines of arts such as music, dance, theater, cinematography, visual arts, crafts, as well as various others.

FESTIVAL TEPI SAWAH is projected as an eco-friendly annual art show, which will involve and present artists from various disciplines of arts, to collaborate and work together. At the very unique location on the outskirts of the village, we will design a special UMA STAGE, which is the symbolic panorama of the place where this aspiration was born, on the edge of the rice fields.

The festival was born from a mixture of passions and ideas from three artists Nita Aartsen, Anom Darsana and Etha Widiyanto, who combined their background experiences in Music Education & Performance, Sound Engineering, Event Management, Architecture & Designs.

It is their intention to integrate the creative elements of this festival with education and implementation on environmental sustainability, both among children and adults. In this environmental awareness movement, FESTIVAL TEPI SAWAH collaborated with CLEAN BALI SERIES, a children's environmental education and awareness program, started in 2006, and which has been actively promoting the "Bali Bersih" monthly program at the festival venue, Omah Apik, together with several other organizations and activists, education, arts and culture, to provide learning space to local Balinese children about Environmental Awareness.

FESTIVAL TEPI SAWAH is "A Manifestation of Our Humanity, Art Talents and Expressions in Respect of Our Mother Nature"