Wed 25th Oct, 2017

Entrepreneur Social Sanur 6 - The Eco-Warriors

Pantai Mertasari, Sanur, Sanur Kauh, Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar, Bali
Wed 25th Oct, 2017
06:00 pm - 09:00 pm

ENTREPRENEUR SOCIAL is a monthly networking event for entrepreneurs to engage, connect and collaborate with like-minded, purpose driven individuals who value collaboration and problem solving. Each event features 1 inspiring social entrepreneur, whose work is impacting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, sharing their story and best advice for fellow entrepreneurs.


October Speakers:

The Eco-Warriors:

- Kodi Twiner (Australia) - Eco-Warrior, activist, scholar, musician and Solid Trails eco-expeditions founder

- Mark White (US) - producer of The Eco-Warriors, environmental activist, founder of Planet Funder eco-crowdfunding platform

- Disrekia (Indonesia) - Dayak activist, educator, intern Green School Bali, featured in series

About the project:

How are social enterprise, indigenous rights, orangutan rehabilitation, sustainable forest products, documentary film and solutions-based environmental activism all connected? Come find out from those working for the forests, people, and wildlife of Indonesian Borneo!

This is a unique event to Entrepreneur Social because it addresses multiscale social enterprises, sustainable development, cultural survival, biodiversity conservation, and truly collaborative projects of cross-cultural community and education all in one event. It will be highlighted by two episode screenings of the series The Eco-Warriors storying the ongoing struggles, transformations, and successes of these intersectional projects in Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo).

"The Eco-Warriors" summary:

Forests are being destroyed at a devastating rate, threatening endangered orangutans and contributing to climate change. A group of adventurous young people leave their known worlds behind and travel to the heart of Borneo to confront one of the great global challenges of our time. Jojo and Juvi, two orphaned baby orangutans, are entrusted into their care and they must find a way to halt the destruction and return them to their forest home. Time is running out, the odds are against them but they never give up. This is a story about what it takes to be an Eco-Warrior, an individual willing to step up and do something to avert a global catastrophe.

- Production Company

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5.30-6pm | Registration + Networking

Come early to do some quality networking

6-7 pm | Introduction of the 3 speakers, interaction

7-7:25pm | Episode 1 of "The Eco-Warriors"

7:25-8:25pm | Storying connected projects and documentary series


8:25-8:45pm | Episode 8 of "The Eco-Warriors"

8:45-9:00 | Q+A


Entrepreneur Socials are currently being launched in 30 cities around the globe, with plans to grow to 200 cities in the next year. The events are independently planned and organised by approved City Leaders, working with Entrepreneurs Institute - a leading entrepreneur education group founded by social entrepreneur and futurist, Roger James Hamilton. All speaker sessions will be recorded and shared online through Genius U, an online entrepreneur education platform, enabling you to find other entrepreneurs that align to your purpose, share your passions and complement your talents.