Wed 27th Sep, 2017

Entrepreneur Social Sanur 5 - with Ryan Roth, Founder of Kabu&Co

Pantai Mertasari, Sanur, Sanur Kauh, Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar, Bali
Wed 27th Sep, 2017
06:00 pm - 09:00 pm

ENTREPRENEUR SOCIAL is a monthly networking event for entrepreneurs to engage, connect and collaborate with like-minded, purpose driven individuals who value collaboration and problem solving. Each event features 1 inspiring social entrepreneur, whose work is impacting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, sharing their story and best advice for fellow entrepreneurs.

September Speaker:

Ryan Roth (UK), Founder of Kabu & Co.

Ryan is the Founder & CEO of Kabu & Co., while he is also the founder of Roth Management – His intention is to change business models to create greater efficiencies and equality. After establishing Roth Management, he started to develop the concept of an organic coffee brand, while that gave him the idea for something much larger in Kabu & Co.

Kabu & Co. is a new type of company which has found a way to make great efficiencies in the global food supply chain and if correct, will solve the global food crisis.

Recognised by The Guardian/Observer and Courvoisier as one of the top 500 cultural influencers in the world to watch. Feb, 2013.

About KABU & CO.:

What if we told you there is an amazingly simple solution to; food security, deforestation, poaching, climate change, hunger, poverty, income inequality, child trafficking, crop diversity, increasing farmer income, mixed use farming, overfishing, habitat loss, normal interest rates for farmers (the unbanked), ocean acidification, conflict in developing countries, lack of education in developing countries, lack of front line services in developing countries, gender inequality, taxation of the unbanked and even food nutrition levels.

We have found the solution to the number one cause of all of the above.

The cause is, smallholder farmer poverty and we know how to solve it.

If you solve that one underlying root cause, you solve everything it relates too.

Kabu & Co. is not about spreading awareness as it just does not work, we are only about solutions.

We're replacing the global agriculture infrastructure and the is nothing in the world more important than this, as if various reports are correct, we face and end to civilisation as we know it by 2040, through the global food system collapse.

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6-7 pm | Registration + Networking

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7-7:20pm | Speaker: Ryan Roth (UK), Founder of Kabu & Co

7:20-7:40pm | Q+A

7:45-9pm | Speed Networking + Mingling


Entrepreneur Socials are currently being launched in 30 cities around the globe, with plans to grow to 200 cities in the next year. The events are independently planned and organised by approved City Leaders, working with Entrepreneurs Institute - a leading entrepreneur education group founded by social entrepreneur and futurist, Roger James Hamilton. All speaker sessions will be recorded and shared online through Genius U, an online entrepreneur education platform, enabling you to find other entrepreneurs that align to your purpose, share your passions and complement your talents.