Sat 25th Feb, 2017

Drupal Training Day

Jalan Raya Nyuh Kuning, Ubud, Ubud 80571
Sat 25th Feb, 2017
10:00 am - 04:30 am

Want to upskill your web development skills? Learn how to use Drupal together with the rest of the world on Drupal Global Training Day!

What is Drupal Global Training Day?

Drupal Global Training Day is a global initiative of Drupal Association first started in 2012 that aims to educate more people on the Drupal project. To spread the positive Drupal vibes in Bali, DOUGLAS DELEU, teamleader of the Belgian corecrew team is organising Drupal Global Training Day in Outpost, Ubud , Bali.

It will be a one-day FREE “Hello Drupal” workshop covering the basics of Drupal.

Doug has been involved in Drupal development for many years. Starting with Drupal eight years ago changed his life and career as a freelance webdeveloper. The Drupal community has helped him build amazing projects.

Drupal Association has inspired him to give back to the community by holding this workshop for free.

Who Should Attend?

Everyone, who is interested in knowing what Drupal is

Have a project in mind? This workshop will help you evaluate or help implementing Drupal.

PHP/Web developers: Enhance your career with extra knowledge.

Students: Get a chance to start your career path in IT as Drupal developer. Drupal is widely used by Fortune 500 companies, governments and startups.

Career switchers: Looking to make the leap to a career in Information Technologies? Site building with Drupal is a fantastic way to do it.

Course Level: ENTRY

On completion of this workshop you will learn the basics of Drupal and enter an amazing world of Drupal projects.


Introduction, 10AM-11.30AM

(Everyone is welcome. No laptop required.)

What is Drupal? What is the big differences between WordPress and Drupal?

Who uses Drupal

Think Drupal

Is Drupal the right CMS for you?

Drupal for your mobile applications?


Workshop, 11:30AM -4.30PM

(This is not an introduction to web development, although no coding experience is required.)

– HTML, Java (not the island), CSS, PHP, and other nerdy acronyms. You have been warned ????

– Familiarise ourseleves with the new User Interface and options

– Learn about how to create content

– Experiment with the inbuilt views as well as image handling

– Create new blocks and understand about regions

– Manage users, roles and permissions

– Q&A

For the workshop:

– A little experience in web development is mandatory

– You must have at least a local webdevelopment environment on your laptop to run a website with a SQL database. (Mamp, Xamp or other equivalent).

– You will receive a mail with further instructions after registration.

– No coding required for the workshop