Thu 20th Oct, 2016

Dojo Events: You Should Test That! Maximise your websites revenue with CRO

Bali, Jalan Batu Meja, Canggu
Thu 20th Oct, 2016
05:00 am - 06:00 am

CRO - You should test that! - with Brie Moreau

Make more money online by maximising your websites revenue with conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

So your interested in CRO, you have read some blog posts that are telling you that if you change your ‘buy now’ button from green to red you will increase your conversion rate by 43%.

Well there is much more to CRO than that. If you use proper CRO methodology to learn about your users, find the pain points in your sales funnel, setup your website with great UX and content. Then you will be on the path to long term success, which is much more powerful than changing the color of a button.

Although CRO seems like a science, it is actually more of an art. Learn to view your canvas (website) with new eyes.

What People Will Learn:

• Learn what CRO is

• Learn what CRO isn’t

• How to use CRO methodology

• How CRO will help your website increase revenue

• How to structure a CRO campaign

• How to design a webpage that converts well

• How to gather user persona data

• How to create content targeted for your users

• How to audit Google Analytics data to find easy wins

• Which CRO software to use

About Brie:

Brie Moreau has over 9 years experience in all areas of digital marketing specialising in SEO, AdWords, Google Analytics, User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimisation. He has worked on 100’s of campaigns and spent the past five years working in some of the best digital marketing agencies in Australia and internationally.