Fri 26th May, 2017

DenPasar2017 Exhibition

Jl. Teuku Umar, Gang Rajawali no. 1A, Denpasar - Bali
Fri 26th May, 2017 - Sat 26th Aug, 2017
09:00 am - 05:00 pm

In addition to aiming to provide a platform for the arts and literature to talk about pasar (market) and Denpasar as a form of its documentation and new image creation in 2017, CCG aspires DenPasar2017 to be the beginning of the mapping of Denpasar city within the art and creative travel routes in Bali.

To add layers and provide a wider perspective to the theme of ‘Market Language’, CCG has invited 4 artists and creative communities who took pasar and Denpasar as their main themes in their creation to show their works, as a further collaboration for DenPasar2017 exhibition. They are Urban Sketchers Bali (creative sketching community), Swoofone (street artist), KitaPoleng (art performance community) and Masuria Sudjana (a 3rd generation photographer based in Denpasar).

Throughout the 3 months of exhibition, there is a series of exciting programs including Meet The Artists sessions, a contemporary dance workshop with KitaPoleng, Street Art Talk with street artists Swoofone, Slinat and Bombdalove, Design Talk with designers and architects Budiman Ong, Fransiska Prihadi (Cika) and Nyoman Miyoga, sketching workshops by Urban Sketchers Bali, photography presentation by Masuria Sudjana and screening of Arsip Bali 1928 narrated by Marlowe Bandem. These programs are open to public and everyone is welcome to participate.