Fri 16th Dec, 2016

Death Meditation

Jalan Suweta, Ubud 80571
Fri 16th Dec, 2016
04:00 am - 05:00 am

Blue Karma Resort will provide free shutlle service, leaving at 3.15 pm from Ubud Palace.

Welcome drink, hot healthy tea and snacks will be served. Enjoy the swimming pool for more relaxing time after the meditation.

Join us for a gentle, delicate, guided meditation from the teachings of Buddha that uses breathing techniques and visualisations to release the ego and connect to the eternal witness. This is a beautiful process using imagination to let go of our misidentifications with the body and mind, allowing us to rest in the Self only. Come for this unique experience that is specially led by Maitreya during his visits. If you find you have difficulty with the art of 'letting go', Death Meditation can be very powerful to help you with this process.

During this technique, we will lie down on yoga mats and allow Maitreya's voice to guide us through our own journey to the Witnessing Consciousness. Due to the delicate nature of the technique, doors will close once the meditation commences. Please be on time, arriving a few min early to settle into the space. Bring a shawl if you tend to get cold as we will use the air-con in the room and your own yoga mat.