Mon 13th Nov, 2017

Coffee & Climate Change

Jalan Batu Meja, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia 80361
Mon 13th Nov, 2017
05:00 pm - 06:00 pm (Sustainability and Resilience.Co) is a young environmental think and do-tank company based in Canggu. Our human talent provides services in research, consultation, and capacity development on environmental management, sustainability, climate change, the green economy, and bio-energy. is a non-profit project of that aims at synergising climate change mitigation and adaptation in Indonesia by clean energy and climate smart agriculture in green business and policy engagement. It is currently supported by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program through Green-Win and Transrisk projects.

Everything we do is first and foremost scientifically driven.

- Climate change projections to determine the exposure and sensitivity of Indonesian areas to climate change. They are the basis of who, where, and why we choose the villages we support.

- Climate change adaptation which includes supporting famers to switch to more profitable and climate adapted crops such as coffee and sharing sustainable organic agricultural practices like agroforestry.

- Clean sustainable energy by developing our proper biogas digester solutions. As it can provide biogas and bio-fertilizer to the farmers from organic waste, this solution represents a good opportunity to stimulate a shift in energy production and supply among farmers’ communities.

What People Will Learn:

- Climate change in Indonesia

- Climate change adaptation and mitigation

- Coffee as a good adapted crop

- Functionality and importance of biogas

About the speaker:

- Takeshi 

Takeshi is originally from Japan but lives in Bali and leads this young think-and-do tank which aims to truly achieve a better environment and society for all of us. He makes strategic plans and decisions to make sure that projects run smoothly and effectively to support people in developing countries and solve environmental problems based on scientific analysis. He has been working as an international expert on climate change, environment and energy for nearly 2 decades, and has a PhD in Economic Geography from Oxford University.

- Gregoire

Grégoire is a French student following a Master degree in Business at Neoma Business School. As a Business student engaged in social and environmental protection, his ambition is to increase people awaraness on sustainability in economics and management and to drive change towards sustainability worldwide. As an intern, his main objective is to manage project.

- Giacomo

Giacomo is a newly graduate environmental engineer from Italy. He completed his bachelor in environmental engineering at the university of La Sapienza in Rome, followed by a double degree achieved in DTU, Denmark, and Aalto University. He contributes to the development of biodigester and water tank solutions.