Sat 13th Jan, 2018

Chakra Healing Workshop with Geoff Brooks

3 Jalan Jembawan, Ubud 80571
Sat 13th Jan, 2018
01:00 pm - 05:00 pm


Chakra Healing is a process of moving energy through the body in a way which regulates the internal functions of the body and awakens the harmony of the mind.

In this workshop we create a focus on each Chakra in isolation through movement, pranayama and meditation, and explore how they relate to specific internal organ and gland functions. By then stimulating each Chakra sequentially, the body’s auto-immune system is activated to draw healing energy to the areas needed most.

This workshop is ideal for all levels of practitioners, as Geoff breaks down each portion in a clear and nurturing way. Feel free to take notes.

ABOUT GEOFF Geoff Brooks

Geoff Brooks is a technical master of Yoga, learned from over 25+ years of movement-based arts; including influences from traditional & modern Yoga practices, martial arts and biomechanics. Geoff has the ability to read energy lines and blend the technical with an intention of creating the energy flow through the body – something that our modern lifestyles highly compromise.