Sun 19th Nov, 2017

Chakaruna • at Akasha Live!

Jln. Sinta, Gianyar 80561
Sun 19th Nov, 2017
06:00 pm - 11:00 pm

"Chakaruna" at Akasha Live 

Join us at Newearth Haven for a High Vibe evening filled with intentional ceremony, nourishing food, healing and invigorating dance, with Master Shaman "Herbert Quinteros" 

Herbert performs with Flute, Guitar, Drum, and mixes these healing sounds into a live DJ Set. This is an event you do not want to miss!



• 6:15 PM - AGNI HOTRA - Ancient vedic fire ceremony to clear the space

• 6:30 PM - OPENING CEREMONY - with Siti Naturaleza, performing with Shamanic Drum & Vocals

• 7:30 PM - LIVE CEREMONIAL MUSIC & DANCE with Master Shaman, Icaros, Healer & Musician Herbert Quinteros.

• 9:30 PM - CLOSING CEREMONY - with Crystal Bowl Sound Healing and a Gong Soundbath

Medicine Music begins with the heart and ripples out all of the beings in our surroundings. We create a space within this vibration where we are able to pray and sing together. Embody gratitude for Pacha Mama and become an open channel for Spirit, with sacred songs from tribes around the world 


Herbert Quinteros Flores was born in the city of Tarapato Peru. 

He started his path as a vocation as healer 22 years ago. 

He has been studying healing plants with Amazonian indigenous tribes, masters of Shipibo, Cocama, Ashaninca, as well Quenchua Mestizo, Ethnies, based on traditional rituals. 

Herbert uses the Andean Flute called the "Quena" the pan flute (zamponia ) made of feathers from the condor. The Andean guitar the Charango. The guitar and drums accompany his healing work. 

Music is the key to Unblock the path of interconnection and healing and a way to express the heart body and soul. 



Eternidad 2016 Herbert Quinteros



GA Ticket: 150K IDR ~ available at the door.

(Dinner a la carte, not included*)