Fri 24th Feb, 2017

BookGreener Community Lunch

Jalan Silayukti, Padangbai, Manggis, Karangasem 80872
Fri 24th Feb, 2017
11:00 am - 06:00 am

This month we will meet up at Bloo Lagoon in Padangbai. Expect interesting discussions as we will solve each others problems! Each of us have some strengths and weaknesses - as part of BookGreener community we want to bring solutions to all of you.

On a fun note, we are planning on organising a dive for those ones who are skilled divers. Let us know if you are up for it by Thursday 2nd Feb!


Dive (optional)

Welcome word by Alex

Welcome word and tour by Bloo Lagoon team

Session / Workshop focusing on problems and solutions




BookGreener members are invited to stay at Bloo Lagoon Village from the night before to the night after the event.

Cost: 300,000 IDR (100,000 for BookGreener and 200,000 for our hosts)

Do not miss this meet-up, it is an amazing opportunity to share experiences!

Least but not last - bring your swim suit, Bloo Lagoon has a private beach!

Feel free to contact Alex at if you wish to bring somebody you feel would be worthy to the group and shares the values.