Sat 09th Dec, 2017

BODY PLAY - an Immersive Dance Experience

Jalan Gautama Selatan, Ubud 80571
Sat 09th Dec, 2017
02:00 pm - 05:00 pm

Each workshop offers new ways to explore our connection to the physical, mental, and energetic body offering greater clarity each time you attend. To ensure proper integration of the materials repeated participation is recommended. 

On December 9th 2pm-5pm, join us in our immersive learning experience at Paradiso. In this one day dance workshop, you’ll get a taste of our life changing approach to awareness of the self and deeper connections to others.

The BODY PLAY workshop is a powerful and transformative journey connecting you to your unique expression, that is the true self, while forging deeper relationships to others through harmonized movement.

By learning tools to access your own creative expression you will unlock your full potential and awaken the internal body awareness. Individually and collectively we will break through boundaries and support one another in the exploration of our mind-body. At this workshop you will tap into your personal power to aid the ascent into your next evolutionary spiral. The insights you gain will allow you to see how your energy translates from the body into the physical world (on and off the dance floor). 


Expand and enhance your movement vocabulary, creating heightened freedom within your dance. Learn tools to uncover your authentic expression of movement.


Become familiar with your engrained movement patterns, deeply familiar with your own energetic landscape, and uncover tendencies. 


Explore different ways to utilize your physical body to express and relate with community. 


Gain confidence and the capacity to move beyond limiting belief systems.


Learn the difference between sex, love, & intimacy and how to navigate them strategically.


Learn how to safely, passionately, and consciously share space with others on a common vibration, collectively creating an energetic conversation translated into movement.


Gain the skills necessary to non-verbally cultivate meaningful relationships with others, surpassing the mind/ego connection, and allow for a meeting of the true selves at a heart level. 

∞This is a fragrance-free event. Please do not wear any scented deodorants, lotions, perfumes, essential oils, or chemically-based makeups.

∞Wear clothing that will allow for a complete range of movement; like yoga gear or loose fitting garments. Please refrain from wearing belts, jewelry, or rough clothing.

∞This event will be captured on video. The camera operator will avoid any people that do not want to be filmed.



All this is offered at only 300.000rp