Thu 03rd Oct, 2019

Bali Training Camp

Nirvana Strength - Jalan pantai berawa no 8, Badung, Bali, Indonesia 80361
Thu 03rd Oct, 2019
05:30 am - 09:00 pm

Develop your skill and redefined your impossible!, as we take you through the Best Training Camp experience. In one of the most complete calisthenics based facilities in the world, Nirvana Strength will welcome four of the best coaches in the industry to take you through a total of twelve – three hour training sessions to not only educate you on what it takes to train at the next level, but also how to do it in a intelligent and effective way that provides the greatest of benefits. 

Nirvana Strength, has incorporated an array of recovery protocols (Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, Sensory Deprivation tanks, Vitamin/mineral IV dosing, Massage, Cold/Hot baths, Dry Sauna) that will help to maximize your Training Camp experience. Bali Camp Training runs for 9 days 8 nights full of unforgettable experience that will take your training to the new heights.

Daniel Vadnal is an international fitness coach with years of learning and teaching bodyweight strength. With millions viewing his content monthly, Daniel shares how he's utilised his expertise on calisthenics training and built a thriving community of ambitious bodyweight beasts. He will be bringing a mix of theory and practice and will be focused on offering different perspectives towards helping learn calisthenics skills as an adult.

Simon Ata is a world leader in bodyweight training with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree alongside personal training qualifications. Simon strives to open the door to bodyweight training for beginners and maximize results for advanced athletes by creating effective and systematic training programs backed by scientific evidence and personal experience.

Devin Kelley is a practitioner of movement and mindfulness. His interest expanded from taking philosophy and religions in university to studies in a multitude of mindfulness and movement practice modalities.  In his workshops students are challenged to engage with the learning process itself in a critical way. The goal is to leave his events better equipped to create self-driven, individualized, intelligent practice for themselves.

Yulya Mihailova is a professional circus performer, specialising in contortion and hand balancing. She started her circus school training at the age of 10 years old and continued her circus education in the Kiev Cirque College. Draw upon her years of contortion training and performance experiences in many entertainment industry including TV shows all over the world.

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