Sun 30th Sep, 2018

Badung International Night Run 2018

The Nusa Dua & Bali Mandara Toll Road
Sun 30th Sep, 2018
01:00 am - 10:00 am

IN CELEBRATION OF THE 9TH ANNIVERSARY OF BADUNG REGENCY “MANGUPURA” It is the first night run event to be held in Bali by presenting Full Marathon, Half Marthon (21K), 10K and 5K which will be followed by 3,000 International and National runners.

To increase International participants will be rewarded 500 million prizes from various categories Collaboration with ITDC as a Developer of The Nusa Dua area will further provide International value in this organization A journey to chase the sunrise in which several different places will be visited.

Your starting point is to feel the islands of Peninsula, Nusa Dua vibes with the waves.

Run passing the tourism atmosphere to feel the urban activity.

Make a new experience for you to feel all the vibes.