Wed 19th Apr, 2017

Ba Duan Jin Qigong Course with Peter Caughey

3 Jalan Jembawan, Ubud 80571
Wed 19th Apr, 2017 - Sat 22nd Apr, 2017
09:00 am - 05:00 pm

Quiet Mind - Open Heart - Peaceful Life

In this course you will learn how to create a calm mind, an open heart and how to have a deeper connection with yourself, others and nature.

Learn how you can connect with your own inspiration and intuition to discover your true purpose through the practice of Qigong.

Master Qigong Practitioner, Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Teacher Peter Caughey is back in Bali and will be offering an intensive 4-day Qigong course using a modifiered version of the Ba Duan Jin Qigong system. Peter has over 25 years’ experience in the areas of Acupuncture, Reflexology, Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, Qigong and Taiji Quan. 

The course participants will gain a greater sensitivity of their own body’s energy field and will be able to increase and move the energy around their body through this Qigong system. 

Qigong provides enormous physical health benefits and during the Qigong course you will learn Traditional Chinese Medical Theory and the medical applications behind each exercise, gain a deeper understanding of Qigong traditions, history and philosophy and earn a certificate of completion from the Forest Rock Taiji & Qigong Monastery School.

“There was a time when the world discovered the benefits and Yoga and I believe that this is the time for people to discover and embrace the amazing practice and benefits of Qigong".

The low early-bird price of 3,950,000 IDR is on offer for all participants who register prior to 12 April 2017 and after 12 April the full price of 4,950,000 IDR will apply.

Both Advanced Practitioners and Beginners are welcome. 

During the course you will:

- Learn how to quieten your mind

- Learn how to live with a deeper connection to your own heart

- Deepen your connection with your own intuition and wisdom 

- Develop your sensitivity of the movement of Qi (energy) in yourself & others

- Advance your daily health practice through gaining a deeper understanding of Traditional

Chinese Medicine & Qigong

- Learn Qigong medical applications & theory

You will learn about:

- The exercises and their medical applications

- The Traditional Chinese meridian theory on the 12 main meridians

- The Yin/Yang mental and emotional aspects of the 12 meridians

- 5 Element and Yin/Yang theory

- The Chinese Way to healing through TCM diets

- Qigong training guidelines and safety precautions

- Advanced practitioners & beginners welcome

Cost: 4,950,000 IDR

Early bird: 3,950,000 IDR (Available until April 12)

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