Fri 08th Sep, 2017

Awaken your Greatness - Transformational Heart Healing Workshop (3 days)

The Residence Seminyak, Jalan Pangkung Sari, Kerobokan Kelod, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia
Fri 08th Sep, 2017 - Thu 01st Jan, 1970
02:00 am - 02:00 am

3 days - Transformational Heart Healing Workshop

Towards compassion and self love!

This workshop gives you a good insight, experience, and understanding of how the 5 step iWakening training program works to transform and heal your self on all levels with the power of your HEART. 

1 Physical Awareness Training 

2 Transformational Mindset Training 

3 Emotional Heart Healing Training 

4 Spiritual Alignment Training 

5 Embodiment and Integration Training

Through this iWakening Heart Healing journey, you will get a lot of tools to: 

-surface stagnant energy 

-connect and break through blockages and limitations

-understand patterns, accepting and releasing

-learn how to heal 

-connect with our hearts, 

-cultivated life force and build energy

- activate body awareness and work with the elements to help you stand in your power to start to live your life fully from your heart and in alignment with your true self! 


Through this 3 days workshop, you will experience how our holistic approach, combining different tools, will help you transform every aspect of your life. 

Tools we will use during the workshop, that helps you to transform:


Chi Gong, Kundalini Yoga, Breathing techniques, Meditation, Vibrational Breath Release, Mantra Singing, Inner Dance, Meditation, Movement Therapy and more. 


About the hosts and facilitators of the workshop: 

Samaya and Tekano are the founders of the iWakening concept. They have a deep passion for assisting people through different kind of transformational processes and love to create a safe space and be a part of such an amazing journey.


Their vision is to touch as many hearts as possible and inspire people to dive into the fantastic journey of moving the consciousness from conditioned thinking and behavior, towards true authentic expression. To be in oneness with the pure heart of the soul and become the best version of them self. 

Read more about their vision:

Samaya Behrens - originally from Norway, has a long and interesting journey with her IKYA spiritual teacher for more than 16 years. She has an extensive background in the fields of meditation, breathing techniques, diet and nutrition, various forms of bodywork, breath work, liberating dance and Kundalini Yoga. She has a deep interest for spiritual work and holistic philosophy and has been traveling the world to study and explore the deeper realms of life. She works as a therapist in IKYA Vibrational Medicine, Chi Nei Tsang organ massage, Life Coaching and is the owner and facilitator of the iWakening Retreats. Based on her experience Samaya will inspire and ensure you that you to keep thriving to reach your truest essence and your fullest potential and to live your life with love and compassion.

Tekano Nyakallo Maarohanye - originally from South Africa and he has 15 years experience within Movement Art, Martial Art and various forms of energy work as well as awareness training. He will take you on a physical journey into the exciting energetic landscape to heal and revitalize you at all levels. He is passionate about teaching and he has trained people of all ages, nationalities and different levels of experiences, from beginners to seasoned practitioners in small and large groups. He has trained many martial arts instructors, as well as introducing first timers who become dedicated practitioners. 

Here is one of our testimonial from our Heart Healing Workshop:

"The heart healing training program was for me life changing. I was introduced to Ikya vibrational therapy with Samaya Behrens 6 years ago and I will continue as long as I live. This 3-days workshop gave me everything I need in life to grow, develop and to be able to deal with difficult situations. Now I have the tools to heal myself and a platform. I'm so much more aware and my power is back. My heart feels literally bigger and my vision is clearer. I came here with a broken heart and feeling dead inside. It's been some heavy days but in a good way. I now feel love, calm, I'm hopeful and so grateful. I will use everything I've learned every day. I wish everyone in this world could do this Heart Healing. The world would be such a better place. Thank you so much Samaya and Tekano!

I love you ? and now I finally love my self."

Tone Oraini Selfors.


8-10 September 

Friday: 2pm to 7 PM 

Saturday: 9am to 5pm

Sunday: 9am to 2pm


PRICE: 3 000 000 IDR

If you come with your friend (booking 2 spots) you will get a special offer for 5 000 000 IDR - for both of you.

Includes free classes at iWakening Studio, the week after the workshop to embody and integrate even deeper.

Check our schedule:

To book your spot, please send an e-mail: Because there is limited space we need you to confirm your booking with a deposit on 1 million to PayPal account If you don't have a paypal, please contact us.

Where ? 

The event will take place at iWakening Studio that helps people to awaken to their authentic expression. The studio is in the middle of Semyniak surrounded by the beautiful tranquil garden, where the transformation takes place with the support of mother nature.


Pangkung Sari. No 1. Same entrance as The Residence Seminyak. Sound gate to the left. Door no 4. (Lauras house)


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