Sat 25th Nov, 2017

Atomic Healing Workshop III – Advanced Practical Work with Carlo

Jalan Gautama Selatan, Ubud 80571
Sat 25th Nov, 2017
09:00 am - 04:00 pm

A one day Intensive workshop: Advanced Practical Work

Designed for people looking forward to enhance their healing mission, Reiki Masters, Light workers, Doctors, Natural Therapists & those interested in improving their lives energetically & naturally.

You Will Learn & Remember;

•Treating disorders of the eyes and ears

•Skin Disorders

•Respiratory ailments

•Reproductive ailments

•Blood disorders

•Brain and nervous systems

•Lower back pain – Sciatica and herniated disk

•General Atomic Healing procedure for treating cancer

•Influence of the planets in our chakras/atomic disks, metals, senses and elements

•Glands – Atomic disks and their functions

•Influence of the planets in our emotional body

•Advanced Practical Atomic Healing techniques

•Physiology, Histology and similarities with the cosmic atomic energy

•Location of minor and sub-minor chakras

•The creation of Atomic Disks

*Must join from Day 1