Thu 23rd Nov, 2017

Atomic Healing Workshop I – Beginner with Carlos Palada

Jalan Gautama Selatan, Ubud 80571
Thu 23rd Nov, 2017
09:00 am - 04:00 pm

A one day Intensive workshop: Beginner – Intermediate

Designed for people looking forward to enhance their healing mission, Reiki Masters, Light workers, Doctors, Natural Therapists & those interested in improving their lives energetically & naturally.

You Will Learn & Remember;

•What is Atomic Healing, activation and initiation.

•Working with GOLDEN LIGHT and the Power of Pyramid Visualisation technique.

•Raising your awareness of Love and Fear Processes using the Tree of Love and Tree of Fear concept.

•How to sense, or feel the energies of the higher dimensions

•Chakra cleansing, activation, balancing, blessing, practical work.

•Healing and Energising your own physical body through your chakras.

•Clearing emotional blockages and traumas.

•The Four Body System of exterior energies.

•The integration to activate the golden light body meditation.

•Human Perception/Spiritual Perception

•Values replacing egos for the soul consciousness evolution.

•Social reality/Absolute reality to activate your COSMIC BODY

•From Human consciousness to Chrystal consciousness to Cosmic consciousness

•Aspects in Evolution (egos) to evaluate & achieve more light.

Entry: 2.000.000 IDR or 5.000.000 IDR for 3 Days Workshop