Sat 20th Jan, 2018

Ajna Light Meditation and Pyra Light Healing at Akasha

Jln. Sinta, Tegallalang, Bali, Indonesia 80561
Sat 20th Jan, 2018
02:00 pm - 06:00 pm

Effortless & Profound Healing and Meditation like never before using 21st century technologies!

Meet the man behind these amazing inventions at Bali NewEarth Haven, Saturday 20th at 2pm.

Guy Harriman, the inventor of the Ajna Light & Pyra Light, will be in Bali to share his incredible devices with you. His background is founded on working for 23 years as a chip designer in Silicon Valley, including four years with Steve Jobs at NeXT, and also as a healer and yogi for over 30 years.

The Ajna Light is a ground-breaking device which allows you to experience deep levels of meditation, effortlessly. It provides a new way to reach the deepest states of meditation, all within minutes. Whether you are a practised meditator /yogi, or haven’t even tried it before, all you have to do is close your eyes. It works on opening the mind and heart, which means that every session is completely unique, it gives you exactly what your body and mind need at that moment.

It creates a hypnogogic response which creates brainwave entrainment and stimulates your Pineal Gland to release the endogenous chemical Dimethyltriptamine / DMT. DMT is THE most powerful psychedelic known to man, we all produce it within our minds and it is found in nearly every living thing – animal and plant!

Scientists are now finding out that light is food for the brain. This technology has the capability to give our brains the full nutrition and exercises it needs so that our brains can develop new skills and expand into optimal health.

The Pyra Light is a total body wellness device that creates a healing pulsed magnetic field at the Schumann 8Hz frequency, along with pulsed 850nm near infra-red light. This pulsed field allows stressed and unbalanced areas of the body to start to self heal. Some of the benefits users are experiencing include relief from Muscular and Joint Pain, Fibromyalgia, Menstrual Pain, Tinnitus, Crohns disease, Anxiety, Insomnia, Eczema and faster healing times for scars and injuries.

It also Structures Water which has phenomenal healing effects on our bodies. Structured water is basically ‘oxygen-enhanced water’ allowing more absorption into our system – rehydrating our cells at a microscopic level.


Combining the AjnaLight with the PyraLight is a powerful way to effortlessly experience the deepest levels of meditation, relaxation, insight into your own consciousness, and to heal your physical, mental and emotional layers of your being.

Words cannot describe it – We are gifting this experience for FREE to the community, so come on down and experience it for yourself at Akasha


Warning: the Ajna Light produces stroboscopic light effects which can create uncomfortable sensations and possibly seizures for those that have epilepsy or evidence of this within their family.