Fri 16th Dec, 2016

Africola x MOTEL Mexicola

Jalan Kayu Jati 9, Kota Denpasar 80361
Fri 16th Dec, 2016
07:00 am - 09:00 am

Iron Chef Africa Duncan Welgemoed from Africola, Australia’s hottest restaurant comes in to collaborate with Mexicola Iron Chef Steve Skelly to launch our Chef Collaboration series in conjunction with eh Mexican Embassy of Indonesia and the President of Mezcal.

These two cooking powerhouses joining forces to introduce a food series like Bali hasn’t seen before, in line with the Africola and Motel Mexicola brand’s this collaboration will be a light hearted version of the other culinary events on the island. 

Africola X Motel Mexicola will be number 1 in Motel Mexicola’s Chef Collaboration Series with an emphasis on fresh interesting produce, Mezcal, tradition and joyous frivolity.