Mon 10th Apr, 2017

Aereoyin teacher´s training

Pulau Bali
Mon 10th Apr, 2017 - Tue 11th Apr, 2017
10:00 am - 05:00 pm


Yin yoga is a silence practice with relaxed muscles and asanas that takes long time within 3 to 5 minutes per position. Developing a training using the swing will help the student to get deeper in to the position and get a fussion body mind.

This course will help you to understand concepts in anatomy like , fascia and Fuzz, tissues and issues, stillness and movement , that will give a 360 grades turn to the way you aproach the swing.

Based in all yin yoga theory, using functional anatomy , this 36 hours training

will take you from the earth to the moon.

The topics we are going to manage are:

-Fascia and fuzz

-The body maps

-Tissues and issues

-Spine sweet spine

-Yin yoga asanas 

-Yoga silver

-Therapeutic uses

Directed to:

Yogis, dancers, physiotherapist, acrobats and any kind of body explorer

This system is developed by sissy gonzalez yin yoga certified teacher , yin yoga mexico founder and yogaereo system founder.

At the end of the course we will give you a diploma recognized by the International Yoga Federation