Thu 23rd Mar, 2017

Adventure | Fitness | Luxury - Transformational escape in Bali

Tangguntiti, East Selemadeg, Tabanan Regency, Bali, Tangguntiti, Selemadeg Tim., Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali 82162, Indonesia
Thu 23rd Mar, 2017 - Wed 29th Mar, 2017
02:00 am - 01:00 am

Join Argo Adventure Labs for an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in all that is unique in Bali! While you will be surrounded by the natural beauty of Bali at every turn, the re:charge session is designed harness the connection to your surroundings to empower and align your body, mind and spirit. We are here to help nurture and restore each participant, while focusing on a strong sense of connection between you, the present moment and the people around you. This focus on shared experience with like-minded adventurers is a key ingredient that will make every re:charge session unique. Our home for the Argo Adventures re:charge session is beautifully situated among the rice terraces of Tabanan. We have carefully selected the date for this very special re:charge session to coincide with the Traditional Nyepi Holiday, which is the Balinese day of rest to user in their New year. The days before will be filled ceremonies held at town squares and sports grounds throughout the island, playing music and offering gifts of food and flowers to the ogoh-ogoh, which are huge monster dolls with menacing fingers, bulging eyes and faces fit to give a child nightmares. This is followed by the ngrupuk, a grand procession in which the ogoh-ogoh figures are lifted on bamboo poles and, accompanied by gamelan music, paraded through the streets to frighten away all the evil spirits. After prayers and speeches, the ogoh-ogoh dolls are burnt with torches and bonfires in a final symbolic gesture to be rid of the evil spirits for the year ahead. 

INCLUDED in your 7 day re:charge session:

  • 6 nights accommodation at Alami Luxury Villas and Resort.

  • 3 meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner–Each meal is specially designed by Jacklyn London, Nutrition Director, Good Housekeeping Institute to be deeply nourishing, delicious and detoxifying, while showcasing the best of Balinese culinary traditions.

  • Daily workout session with international fitness icon Steph Pacca

  • Welcome Dinner with traditional Balinese dance performance

  • Guided Balinese village hike

  • Half day Canyoning adventure in Kalimudah

  • Surfing lesson and safari with local guides

  • Two 60 minute Spa services

  • Local guided experiences for Tawur Agung Kenanga, Ogoh ogoh parade and Neypi observance.

  • All transfers, including VIP pick up and drop off at Denpasar airport

NOT INCLUDED: Airfare to Denpasar, Bali Alcohol. As the intention of this session is to re:charge you and your body, we will only be providing more healthy options. However, the resort offers a full bar so you are welcome to charge drinks separately.