Yeh Spa


Using Bali’s natural products to help preserve the earth,Providing high quality environments for health & well being.Welcome to Yeh Spa Bali and our personal philosophy! We offer a large selection of traditional Asian spa treatments and products. There is always something new at Yeh Spa so we hope you will explore and feel free to let us know what you think. The Yeh Spa is designed in the style of a modern day spa, with three double wide massage rooms and open air comfortable five reflexology sofa space and beautiful garden.?It is has been designed as a sanctuary for weary travelers,?stressed professionals or loving couples,?a place where they can revive both body and soul with proven healing aromatherapy and massage treatments.?The Spa's burning scented oils,?gentle rhythmic water sound and lush greenery all relax guests' senses.

Bali, Gianyar, Ubud, Kedewatan, Sanggingan No.21, Campuhan,