1 Day Discovery of the Balinese Daily Life


The Operator pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the village of Sukahet Sari.

The day begins by going to a local factory to see Balinese sarong, where you can see step by step the process of traditional hand weaving.
Then, after a short safety briefing about the path, the trek begins, using the farmer’s ways to admire the famous paddy fields of Sidemen.
Several paths are possible, and choice is made depending of health conditions and wishes of the guests. This walk is the opportunity to learn more about the Subak system and plantations, and to see how the farmers work in the fields.
Trek ends in a specific location where you are able to try what you have just seen during the trek: sting rice, plowing with cows. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a fresh coconut and traditional snacks.
After this short break, you will discover the large property where you can experiment some Balinese daily activities with the inhabitants of the village of Sukahet Sari.
Several workshops are available and ready to welcome you :
? Learn about the Arak distillation and tasting;
? Assist the blacksmith making its own tools with its traditional oven;
? Prepare the daily offerings and ceremony cakes, while learning about their importance and meaning;
? See how Balinese people are clever with their hands as doing palm-leaf decoration;
? Discover how to prepare rice flour and cook Balinese recipes in a traditional kitchen.

Finally you are invited to enjoy a Balinese lunch with a 3-courses menu of traditional Balinese dishes (some of them prepared during the cooking class!), in our open-air restaurant with a breath-taking view over Sidemen paddy fields and Mount Agung (depending of the weather). read more from booking link!

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Sidemen, Karangasem, Bali

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