Watu Klotok Temple


Watu Klotok Temple is a 10th century Balinese Hindu temple in the coastal village of Tojan, in the Klungkung regency of East Bali. This beachfront temple dates to the time of the historic high priest Mpu Kuturan, but is set within a site that itself is believed to date back to the megalithic ages. The temple overlooks Watu Klotok Beach, a stretch of black and pebbly sand that?s bordered by the verdant rice fields of a neighboring farming village. You can reach the temple and beach after a scenic kilometre-long drive past these paddies from the Jalan Bypass Ida Bagus Mantra highway.

Desa Tojan, Gelgel, Klungkung, Gelgel, Kec. Klungkung, Kabupaten Klungkung, Bali