Volkswagen Safari & Ayung River Rafting


This fun and exhilarating activity in Bali is one not to be missed! The tour starts in the traditional village of Bongkasa where you will enjoy stunning views of the surrounding rice fields. You will travel in a comfortable Volkswagen convertible for the best views of the beautiful surroundings. After the drive through impressive Bali countryside, your driver will drop you at the Ayung river for the start of your rafting experience! This adventure tour will get your blood pumping! Challenging rapids along the 12 kilometers on the Ayung River keeps the adrenaline going during these 2 hours of one of the most fun activities to do on the island. If you are not too concentrated on the fast-flowing waters, try looking around at the most stunning scenery with lush green on both sides of the river.Book this Volkswagen safari & Ayung river rafting experience as one of the most unique and adventurous activities in Bali!


Punggul, Abiansemal, Badung, Bali 80352

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