Villa Iseh by WHM


Villa Iseh by WHM is the former retreat of the famous German artist Walter Spies who personally spotted the site and in 1937 built his “mountain hut” there. Later his friend, Theo Meier, another famed Swiss artist, expanded the Villa accommodation and lived there till 1980s. Spies was the co-founder of the Pita Maha artists cooperative in Ubud, through which he is credited with training and influencing several local artists of that era that shaped the development of modern art on the island of Bali, firmly establishing the nostalgic image of Bali in the west that still exists today.

The spectacularly beautiful location of Villa Iseh offers front row uninterrupted views overlooking a verdant valley stretching all the way to the majestic sacred Mount Agung volcano. The heritage Villa Iseh is steeped in history witnessing the visits of several international celebrities and friends of Walter Spies: actor Charlie Chaplin, novelist Vicki Baum, anthropologist Margaret Mead and musician Colin Mc Phee.

Villa Iseh by WHM is also where novelist Anna Mathews and her husband were living when Mt Agung erupted in 1963. She wrote “Night of Purnama” about it.

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Banjar Iseh, Sindu Wati, Sidemen, Karangasem, Bali 80864

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