Usada Bali


They are not just a restaurant; they are a space of thriving, original cuisine culture.
They offer not just shala space; they are a dynamic hub for artists.
Just like Bali, USADA is not just a place to ‘visit? – it?s a place to immerse
yourself in unique healing, creative and learning experiences..

The definition of USADA is “obat tradisional” – literally “traditional medicine”. It is the Balinese equivalent to Ayurveda, the word stemming from the Sanskrit term “Ausadhi”, meaning medicinal plants. The unique concept behind USADA is the harmonious association of two cultures, two Eastern traditions of wisdom, those of the Indian subcontinent and the Indonesian Archipelago.

While USADA refers to the age-old medicinal knowledge of the Balinese, their vision of Usada focuses on holistic health, wellbeing, and culture, offering resources for the initiation of those seeking their passage to transformation. We have created a space in which to nurture the health of mind, body and spirit, to share insights, and to experience the magic for yourself.

+62 (0) 361-908 4463

Sugriwa 4, Padang Tegal, Ubud - Bali

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