Turtle Conservation And Education Center


The Turtle Conservation And Education Center provide a a fantastic opportunity for tourists, where you adopt a baby turtle for a small donation then release the turtles together onto the beach so they have a chance to reach the water and survive. The releases are done almost daily at around 4pm and over-watched by friendly, knowledgeable and passionate volunteers.

TCEC is a part of the comprehensive strategy to eradicate illegal turtle trading on the island. Established on a land of 2.4 ha, the TCEC is trying to support the community and find an alternative to the illegal turtle business. The center put a lot of work into providing education, tourism, conservation and research with a liberal sprinkling of business to protect and give turtles a chance to survive. TCEC is supported by WWF, Governor of Bali, the major of Denpasar, municipal authorities, the Provincial Nature Resource Conservation Agency and the local community.

Jalan Tukad Punggawa, Serangan, Denpasar, Bali 80229