Traditional Grand Rijsafel - Dutch Colonial Dinner

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Tugu?s Traditional Grand Rijsttafel, or Rice Table, portrays the sumptuous social feast that used to be celebrated by the Dutch plantation lords when they hosted their honorable guests during the Colonial years. Made only from the freshest, most exotic ingredients and prepared according to traditional recipes that were only ever handed from generation to generation by word of mouth, the Grand Rijsttafel is a display of the richness of the spices that grew in Indonesia, as seen from the many different tastes and flavours which were all brought together to make the one elaborate Rijsttafel dish. Traditionally each of the twelve dishes dish, including Perkedel Udang Windu (Stuffed Prawn with Potato Fritter), Rendang Pariaman (Stew Beef in Coconut Milk, Kare Ayam (Javanese Chicken Curry), and Soto Ayam Madura (Madurese Turmeric Chicken Soup) that contributes to the Grand Rijsttafel is served by one waiter, adding up to an impressive total of twelve waiters who, led by the head-waiter, line up and serve their part extravagantly in front of each guest. Rijsttafel can also be served ready on the table or by buffet service without compromising its lavishness. In part due to its exquisite colors, delicious complex combination of dishes and luxurious service, the Dutch landlords who lived in Indonesia during that period regarded the serving of a Rijsttafel a symbol of success in society. The Rijsttafel is held in a Hall decorated by memorabilia reminiscence of Balinese Royal families, some of which dating back to the 19th century and others relating to the Puputan War.

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