We believe plant-based foods are healthier for you, others, and for the earth. Our delicious products are always made by hand and our zero waste production processes minimize environmental impact while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Do something good for you, others, and the planet!

We work tirelessly to squeeze each and every beautiful drop out of the nuts and grains so as to guarantee the ultimate in unrivaled nutty perfection across our range.

We are a small, independent, Bali based company that is all about loving the nature, tree-hugging, nut-crunching with a passion for natural food.

We are not exaggerating, we really do not like foods that contain harmful chemicals. Not good for health, both for our own health and for our family. Therefore we are really nuts to make and serve healthy, nutritious, and for sure tasty one. We treat our ingredients like family, with respect and that means we do not add any nasties, or things that Momma wouldn’t put into our food.

Tajba is committed to bringing you and your family the freshest, most delicious plant-based beverages and provisions in Bali. No additives. No artificial sweeteners. Just 100% pure, dairy-free goodness, made in Bali that day and delivered the old-fashioned way – in recyclable glass bottles.

No matter which variety speaks to your taste buds, our goal is the same – creating real food that taste good!

Good for you. Good for others. Good for our planet.

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

+62 (0) 823-4036-5795

Jalan Tukad Petanu, Gang Jalak Bali, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

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