Taco Beach Grill In Seminyak

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Taco Beach Grill is Bali’s only American owned eatery offering Mexican, contemporary Mexican cuisine and gourmet tacos. They offer your tradional favorites and they develop unique original dishes combining elements of French, Asian, Spanish cuisines - and of course Mexican. Modern culinary Mexican goes far beyond tacos and burritos. Come and see for yourself. For example, try their (honestly!) famous Babi Guling Taco. Taco Beach Grill makes every effort to offer you the best Mexican cuisine not just in Bali, or Indonesia, but in all of SE Asia. They are a family oriented, sensibly priced eatery that caters to people looking for the best Mexican available, rather than a drinking emporium. But if you like a good drink you won’t be disappointed! They make some of the tastiest and most powerful margaritas around!

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