Starbucks Reserve Dewata


We want to create something that provides more than just a store, we want an experience to remember, a destination that makes you learn and look at things differently.

On one side, an iconic coffee store; on the other, an oasis for those who love coffee and interested to learn. Between the two, a delicate equation, a subtle alchemy. That is our absolute starting point.

From that point on, we take that idea on a journey to create the perfect sensorial sanctuary for coffee enthusiasts. They say the best experience happens when all your five senses are in play, and we deliver just that. Our store is our biggest product, and through it, we aim to inspire our communities, our customers and the future.

To maximize that impact, we make it beautiful, in every aspect. To inspire both care and enjoyment. And become a focal point of the memories and experiences that make the whole journey itself truly cherishable.

Together with local Balinese artists, we employ only the highest quality materials, one-of-a-kind installations and cutting-edge processes for our store - all to construct a strong and lasting experience.

That is the impact we strive to create. By transforming awe-inspiring ideas into sustainable practices. Our stores will carry eco-friendly materials and will also be a working farm, with harvested coffee beans from the coffee tree lot will be donated to selected Bali coffee farms.

The design combines the delights of traditional Balinese pavilion architecture and rural landscapes with a modern dynamic treatment of space and form.

Our visual identity is inspired by one of the most prestigious fabrics in Asia, Geringsing: Double Ikat. So prestigious, it is only made in a small village in Tengganan, Bali.

The logo depicts Lotus flower which is a symbol of beauty, prosperity, and fertility.

Lotus is also known as a symbol Dewi Lakshmi which is highly rescpected in Bali.

The 18 petals represent Tri Hita Karana which in Bali is about life philosophy; The Three Causes to Prosperity, bringing about harmonious relationships among people, environment, and God. It’s applied in every aspect of Balinese life, assuring that everything stays harmonic.

The pattern is inspired by Geringsing; Double Ikat, which tells the Starbucks coffee Journey from Seed to Cup.

Open Everyday 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM

+62 (0) 361-934 3482

Jalan Sunset Road No.77, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung, Bali 80361

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